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Shante Jarrett photo

My name is Shante' Shamoy Jarrett.

I am 15 years of age.

I am 5'8 and I attend the Herbert Morrison technical high school.

I am currently in the class of 10 visual and performing arts.

I strive to pursue a career in law, modeling, acting and hopefully opening a tattoo shop.

I enjoy activities that are athletic such as track and field, football and cricket.

I also love to engage in activities of the performing arts such as acting, dancing and singing.

I believe that by using the aspects of the performing arts I can express myself in many different forms.

I have entered numerous dance and dub poetry competitions along with my fellow schoolmates and have been victorious.

I also express myself through drawing, whether on my hand or in my sketch pad.

I am an only child for both parents and I strive to make my mother proud in everything I do. Modeling was not a really big part of my life due to the fact that I was more of a tomboy type of girl. On February of this year I had won the miss valentines competition in the surrounding area of my home. I enjoyed the feeling of modeling, taking pictures and showcasing my talent and that is when I took everyone's advice on modeling being something for me. With that being said I plan to do modeling to help fund my college schooling and take some of the pressure off of my mother.

So I am very curious as to what WCOPA 2017 will bring in relation to my modelling dream. Here I come!!!

*donate to Shante's journey to WCOPA 2017 by clicking the button above. Donate any amount. The funds donated will go toward her expenses for the trip which amount to approximately $3500usd inclusive of accommodation in LA, associated visa fees round-trip airfare from Jamaica to LA, and competition fees. Funds will go to the National Director for Jamaica: Miss Lisa Hayles who is in charge of paying over her fees to the international body of WCOPA.

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Feel free to contact Shante Jarrett's Mother re your donation @ [email protected] , and include a copy of the screenshot of your donation in email to her.